How to become a travel agent

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how to become a travel agent

How to become a travel agent

Becoming a travel agent is not a very complicated process. As with any jobs you need to make sure that this is really what you want to do and it suits your personality. As you can imagine the job in a nutshell is about selling a wide range of products to your own client base. Cruises, hotel and resort accommodations, all kind of vacations, insurance - the list just goes on. It has its own specifics, but overall it is not overly complicated. In terms of formal education, training or certification there are no strict requirements, as long as you have a high school diploma you are eligible to start a new and rewarding career. Please read more about Travel agent training we offer for free to our home based agents.

Finding good host agency

home based travel agent
To work as an independent consultant you have to be associated with a host agency. Main goal of a good host agency is to support their independent consultants by providing guidance, marketing materials, training and all the technology tools to support their business.
We are committed to help you with every step of the process. Our company will provide you with all the tools you need, information, marketing materials, training and support to help you start your business. We do not charge home based agents any fees unlike other hosts. Not a single penny.

I would like to become a home based travel agent. What exactly I am supposed to do?

You are responsible for educating yourself, promoting destinations and products, get connected with people, provide them with an exceptional service, increase their loyalty and get new referrals. In other words you are running a home based business and you are responsible for advertising your services and ultimately selling successfully products and services to your own customers base. Read more about Home Based Travel Agent Salary

Quick guide becoming a travel agent

1. Meet minimum education criteria - at least high school diploma is required
2. Decide whether a job suits your lifestyle and personality
3. Find and join a reputable host travel agency
4. Decide what products and destinations you will specialize in
5. Start learning and try to learn as much as you can
6. Start advertising and promoting your services
7. Learn technology tools and get the most of them
8. Never stop building your customers base
9. Get to know destinations yourself - start exploring the world!
10. Constantly re-evaluate and improve your skills
11. Ask yourself - was it a good idea to start your own business?
12. Feel free to ask us any questions - we are here to support you!