How to become a travel agent

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Travel agent training

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Travel agent salary

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What education do I need to start a home travel business?

As we have already mentioned to become a home based travel agent you do not need to spend years in the university or college. Customer service and sales skills are the most important things everyone interested should possess. If you have a high school diploma - it is enough to get you started, the rest is totally up to you. There are plenty of online and in-class training offered by many Canadian institutions, however it is not mandatory to get a formal education. We want you to be aware about some provincial regulations though. Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec require travel agents to undergo the examination and get the license to operate in the respective province.

Can I start my travel agent career for free? Is it possible to have a free travel agent training?

The answer is Yes! With us you get free travel agent education and training. We want you to succeed and be the best! This is why we offer lots of training materials developed in-house or provided by our partners for free. CanadianCruisePROS has created a very distinctive program - we don't charge home based travel agents any fees and help them to succeed!

How complicated is to book travel for my clients?

The process of booking vacations for your customers is very similar to booking air tickets or hotels for yourself. Of course, this is a very simplistic view of what home based travel agent does, obviously online booking is just a one part of your job. You need to be extra careful processing credit card payments. You have to be knowledgeable about cruise destinations, city breaks, adventures vacations and many more. At the end of the day you are not just the salesperson, you are an independent advisor and your value is much more than getting cheap cruises or hotels. You have to remember, this is a home based business and you need to work on developing your business to be successful. We are here to assist you with every step.

Travel agent training free!

The best thing about our travel agent training program is you can decide how many hours and when you are going to educate yourself! The learning program we offer consist of self-paced online or printed educational materials. We developed many proprietary manuals in house to address some of the challenges you might be facing developing your home based business. By registering with us you get an access to huge partners resource library! Training is covering various world destinations and services you are going to provide to your clients. We offer some specific training materials on booking tools for hotels, cruises, adventure packages and many other. We will provide our independent consultants with specific and strict guidelines on issuing documents, credit card processing, fraud recognition and reporting. Sounds terrific, right? Our travel agent training is absolutely free!